About us

Behind the Scenes of App-Y

We are App-Y

App-Y is a horizontally distributed enterprise with no standard hierarchical structures. We are a collective of developers and creators at your service. 

Our talented members and their vast network are at your disposal to ensure the realization of your project. 

Digital designers

Our team is made up of independent designers who have chosen to collaborate on different projects for our clients and in a personal capacity. This structure brings you enormous and varied talent for a minimal price.  

Our offices are in the home office and we welcome you in various magnificent coworking spaces across Switzerland such as COSPIRE in Lausanne.

At your service

Due to our decentralized structure we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is possible because we are present in 18 countries. 

in search of novelty

We have collectively worked on all major programming languages and fields of activity. From marketing to web development through market finance. 

One step at a time

We apply SCRUM or AGILE according to your wishes and the needs of the project. The important thing is to reach your goals quickly. 

Keep it simple

Our approach is based on simplicity and low cost. Don't be afraid to give us a small budget to work miracles. 

Your vision is our mission

We believe in our customers and their ideas

Our goal is always to help our client achieve their goals. We are freelancers serving freelancers and our philosophy is oriented towards common success.  

A new technology or a new approach will suit you perhaps. Our collaboration is a partnership of equals in search of solutions. 

Our shock team

The people who make us successful

Your digital team

Andrea Edelman


Pierre Auguste Lamblet

App Developer

Gregory Guinard

SEO specialist

Dime Lakassian

Num consultantérisk

Olivier Archer

Video games developer

Christophe Brouillon

DéBack end veloppeur

Zequir Hegger

Artist 3d & Graphic designer

Savio Nithin

Security and Servers

Sonny Vu

Déweb developer

Our clients

Our work is for you

Some of our customers who have kindly agreed to appear on our site

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